As early as 2003, ETAP introduced emergency lighting with LEDs and since then has been playing a  pioneering role in the development of LED lighting. Comfort and energy-efficiency are the focus, just as in all our lighting solutions.

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Dossier LED −  (3 Mb)  [11-2015]

LEDs are the new standard in the world of lighting. Even if technology is slowly reaching maturity, our knowledge of the lifespan, materials and properties of LEDs is still increasing every day. This report provides you with all the necessary information to keep abreast of this complex matter.

LED+LENS™  −  (1 Mb) 

ETAP developed LED+LENSTM  technology for its range of LED luminaires for general lighting. Thanks to a combination of high power LEDs and sophisticated lens technology we are able to develop high-performance, energy-efficient and comfortable solutions for the most diverse applications.

LEDs - a source of inspiration  −  (2.7 Mb) 

In this brochure we show you how you can use our LED luminaires in numerous applications for energy-efficient and comfortable lighting.

Maintenance factor −  (0.10 Mb) 

A correctly calculated maintenance factor represents the foundation for an accurately designed lighting installation. ETAP provides a table in which you can find the correct maintenance factor for all ETAP LED luminaires.    

LED_insight_artikel.jpgSince 2011 ETAP has been publishing information on LEDs in its electronic newsletter 'News and Views'. In 'LED Insights' our LED specialists further examine a specific aspect of LED technology. Find out more.