Soft light

Our luminaires are fitted with a hidden light source that is concealed by a metal lamp shielding. Designer Alain Tergny created an internal optics system with two arches, that reflects the light outside the luminaire using white lacquered surfaces.
The light shines into the room, but the lamps are invisible. The result is an environment without abrupt transitions on the ceiling. The even illumination of the walls creates a calm mood.

All of Alain Tergny’s designs have “decorative curves” in common. Because of his urge for innovation he is always looking for new colours and materials without losing sight of the  light output and the eventual cost price. 

The groove in the middle, which provides natural ventilation, is a typical characteristic of the ALTER luminaires. The metal lamp shielding allows the lamps to be replaced much easier and simplifies the maintenance. The luminaire can also be perforated and used as air supply in air conditioning.