Light control systems

Integrated light controls
Integrated light control means that the complete lighting control (sensor, control and dimmable ballast) is integrated into the luminaires. A luminaire with Integrated light control adjusts its luminous flux to the situation in the surrounding area. The lamp will be dimmed or switched off, depending on the available amount of light and/or the presence of persons in the immediate environment. Integrated daylight and movement dependent lighting control helps you achieve significant energy savings (up to 45%).

Local light controls
EasyDim is a local light control system, which enables you to save up to 55% of energy in a no-nonsense way. EasyDim automatically adjust the lighting level on the basis of incoming daylight and human activity. In addition, the lighting can be tailored to your needs via a manual control, using push-buttons, or an infrared remote control.

Dynamic light
Dynamic light is the application of dynamics in the intensity, colour and distribution of (artificial) light. On inspection it appeared that light dynamics have an important biological effect. ETAP offers you a coherent set of building blocks for easy installation of dynamic light.

Building management system Excellum
Excellum is a unique addressable light control system that was designed using four key objectives:
- extraordinary energy savings
- optimal lighting quality and ergonomics at work
- simple design, installation and use
- short cost recovery time