Experience the ETAP-light

[ 27-01-2015 ]

LED or fluorescent? Lens or diffusor? 500 or 1,000 lux? Each and every one important questions when choosing a lighting solution. In our Malle Light pavilion all of your questions will be answered. Several light sources, technologies and solutions can be experienced and compared under realistic conditions. The video below gives you a preview.


In our demo rooms you will discover the properties and operation of various light sources, technologies, and optics. Since how does the blue light on an LED actually turn white? How is binning applied in LEDs? And what is the impact of diffusers and foils on lighting efficiency and comfort? Our demos will make it immediately clear.

Lighting = experience

Lighting has a major impact on how one experiences a space. In our sensoria you are plunged into various lighting scenarios and experience interactively the importance of qualitative emergency lighting in an emergency situation. In addition, ETAP set up several true-to-life application spaces, where the differences between various lighting solutions can be experienced in person. For example, in a fully fitted class room, we illustrate how adjusted lighting can ensure maximum support for various course scenarios. In the shop space we show what influence lighting has on the store experience and can highlight the appeal of the products.

ETAP range from A to Z

Our showroom offers an overview of the full ETAP range, integrated into a stylish interior. On the demo tables you will find luminaires and technical components, enabling you to see, feel and experience exactly how the luminaires work.