Excellum2: effortless
light control

[ 08-04-2015 ]

With Excellum2 ETAP launches the next generation of light control systems. The system focuses on simplicity and ease of use – for both user and manager. At the same time the emphasis lies also on energy savings and the system’s flexibility. 

Light control systems form an integral part of the trend towards smart buildings. In the first place since we can save a lot of energy thanks to automated light control. As the most efficient lighting is lighting that is only switched on when and where necessary. But at the same time, light control can also increase the comfort of those who work or stay in the building. Especially if users can adjust the lighting to specific scenarios or personal wishes.

Ready for use 
All of Excellum2’s intelligence is housed in a discreet and stylish small controller. Each controller can manage up to 256 luminaires and/or sensors; up to five controllers can be linked. We always deliver Excellum2 ready for use. You choose which functionalities you need, we supply the relevant software. This makes Excellum2 suitable for all types of projects, from medium-sized spaces to large buildings with several floors. Needless to say that you only pay for the functionalities that you actually use.

Excellum2 offers a wide array of options to control lighting depending on the activities taking place. According to your wishes we preconfigurate the right lighting level for any time and any space in your building: conference room, open-plan office, technical room, sanitary facilities, etc. You can also define specific scenarios, for example, for presentations or lunch breaks. The system allows for maximum flexibility, as lighting needs change over time. The pre-programmed settings can be adjusted at any time without drastic conversion works.Furthermore, the management of your emergency lighting can be integrated in Excellum2.

Energy savings 
A central, automated light system obviously also provides quite a few options to save energy. Excellum2 uses five strategies to save energy: daylight-dependent control, smart time control, occupancy detection, adjustment to task and load shedding. Thanks to a smart combination of these strategies you can save up to 75% energy in your building. Via an integrated energy meter you can measure the actual energy consumption of your lighting at all times, enabling you to easily monitor your usage and savings.

Simplicity and ease of use 
Excellum2 was primarily designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind – for users as well as for managers. For example, users can control lighting in their workshop or in a conference room on their own smartphone, tablet or PC. But the manager’s life is also made easier. By means of easy-reference 3D plans you can monitor the operation and status of your lighting and emergency lighting per floor or per building. You can adjust and manage settings from your PC by means of an intuitive interface.