New generation 
LED downlights

[ 21-03-2016 ]

Recently D1-D2-D3 LED downlights were fitted with the new chip-on-board technology – and the series got a true efficiency boost. Result: an even more efficient luminaire with a lower price tag. 

LED downlights – previously fitted with an LED module – have recently been upgraded to the so-called chip-on-board (COB) technology, whereby several LED chips are placed together on one substrate, are interconnected electrically and are covered with a layer of phosphorus (in order to convert the blue LED light into white light). This light source is a whole lot more efficient and compact than the previous LED modules.  





Efficiency boost 
On the outside no changes can be observed, but on the inside of the downlights the new technology results in quite a revolution. The new light source not only boasts higher efficiency, but also optimises optical and thermal design. In practical terms we see that:
•the specific luminous flux (lm/W) increases by 20 to 30%;
•the LLMF (Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor) goes from 70 to 90%, after 50,000 h;
•depending on the version the cost price drops by 10 to 25%. 

Extensive range
The update changes nothing to the extensive choice of options within the range. Specular or satin-anodised reflector, white (RAL 9003) or aluminium white (RAL 9006) housing, smooth or superimposed trim… In addition, all downlights can be fitted with a daylight sensor or an LED module for emergency lighting. Versions with higher colour rendering are also available upon request, for the retail sector, for example.