R2: comfortable lighting in minimalist design

[ 29-03-2016 ]

With the R2 ETAP introduces an extensive LED series of surface-mounted and suspended luminaires with diffuser. The R2 offers comfortable, no-glare lighting (UGR < 19) in a contemporary luminaire. Thanks to its high efficiency and long service life the R2 is also a smart investment for the long term.

Diffusor luminaires represent an asset in the lighting of offices, schools and public buildings. Logical, as they provide clear, uniformly illuminated spaces and guarantee pleasant and comfortable lighting without glare. After the U2 recessed version was introduced earlier, ETAP now launches the R2, an extensive range of surface-mounted and suspended luminaires with diffusor. The series consists of square and elongated surface-mounted and suspended luminaires, which can be connected to clean light lines.

Comfortable and efficient 
Traditional diffusor luminaires often compromise on efficiency as the light is toned down too much. However, the R2 combines comfort with outstanding performance, thanks to a combination of mediumpower LEDs and high-quality diffuser foil. The internal reflector with highly reflective paint and clear glass plate also contributes to optimal efficiency. These characteristics deliver specific luminous flux up to 140 lm/W, thus limiting the number of luminaires to be installed.
The LEDs’ long service life ensures that the luminous flux in the luminaires barely decreases over time: after 50,000 burning hours the LEDs still achieve 98% of the initial luminous flux (LLMF – Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor).


 R2_exploded view.jpg
The combination of medium-power LEDS (1), reflective paint (2), highly effective foil (3) and clear glass plate (4) ensure optimal efficiency and comfort. 


Superior finish 
R2 is a slimline, elegant luminaire with a superior finish. The diffusor with glass plate is fitted in a steelplate housing, finished with matte structure paint. At the top the housing narrows around the LED plate. This component comes in black as standard, which provides the luminaire with a playful and recognisable design.

Ease of maintenance
The smooth cover plate on the R2 luminaires is made of clear glass and is easy to clean. The luminaire forms a single compact and closed unit, where dirt is kept at bay.