K1 spot: minor size,
major performance

[ 31-03-2016 ]

With the launch of the K1 recessed version, ETAP now provides an efficient and safe LED solution for each emergency lighting application (escape route and anti-panic lighting).  The K1 recessed spot combines excellent performance and functional design.  Thanks to the sophisticated light distributions, the number of luminaires can be reduced to a minimum.

The K1 is a particularly discreet luminaire thanks to its small dimensions (90 mm diameter).  In addition, the LED is fully concealed by the polycarbonate housing. As a result the luminaire fits into nearly any architecture.

Efficient light distribution
The performance of the K1 is a lot less modest. For escape route lighting, one luminaire is sufficient at a height of 2.8 m to illuminate the escape route over a distance of 20 m with the required 1-lux  illuminance.
The version for anti-panic lighting creates a nearly square light distribution, which allow to illuminate large spaces particularly efficiently and without dark spots. The result is that a single luminaire at a height of 3 metres is all it takes to illuminate a 130-m2 space (required illuminance 0.5 lux).
In both cases this outstanding performance ensures that you will satisfy legal requirements with the fewest possible luminaires.


K1R antipaniek.jpgK1R vluchtweg.jpg

Anti-panic lighting: one single luminaire can illuminate a 130 m² space. 

One luminaire is sufficient to illuminate the escape route over a distance of 20 m.


Easy installation
The installation of the K1 is done in no time: after the electrical connection is made (through the driver), secure the luminaire into the ceiling using both springs.  You can choose between through wiring or surface-mounted wiring.

Safety first
The follow-up and monitoring of the luminaires also takes place effortlessly.  The K1 is available with the EST+ self-test, or can be connected to a central control system (ETAP Safety Manager and Excellum2).