Switch to LED
without worries

[ 01-04-2016 ]

With a new version of the square U7, specially designed for the quick renovation of offices, you no longer have a single reason to stick to your fluorescent lighting. You can replace the luminaires one to one without changes to the ceiling. 

Quite a few offices are still illuminated with old and inefficient fluorescent luminaires. And yet the advantages of LED lighting are known, LEDs are more energy-efficient and have a longer service life.  Building managers still hesitate too often to renovate lighting installations because they do not want major installation works to the ceilings.

Specifically for this purpose ETAP designed a simplified version of the square U7 LED+LENS™ luminaire. With this LED luminaire you can replace the traditional square panels (14W T5 Ø 16 mm or 18W T8 Ø 26 mm) one to one, without adjustments to the ceiling. You do not have to carry out a new lighting study. The luminaire is suitable for open plan as well as individual offices (UGR < 19).

Short cost recovery period 
The U7 LED panel is a simplified version of the LED+LENS™ luminaire. In order to minimise the cost price, and hence keep the cost recovery period as short as possible, only one version is available: a square (600 x 600) luminaire with 18 LEDs, luminous flux of 3000 lm and a 4000K colour temperature.

You will immediately notice the difference in your energy bill after renovation with the U7 panel. Depending on the application, consumption will be up to 40% lower compared to a fluorescent luminaire. Thanks to the LEDs’ long service life, the Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor (LLMF) is still 99% after 25,000 burning hours and 97% after 50,000 burning hours.

Easy installation
In the development of this U7 we have done our utmost to keep the installation as simple as possible. Just replace the panel on the T profile in the ceiling and reuse existing cabling.  The panel is only 30 mm high, which will enable you to install the U7 effortlessly in low false ceilings.

LED+LENS™ quality 
This U7 Is a fully fledged LED+LENS™ solution: advanced lighting technology in a unique design. A sophisticated combination of high-power LEDs and patented lenses provide maximum visual comfort and optimal light distribution. The housing consists of high quality steelplate with white texture paint.