E1 renovation module for demanding environments

[ 31-05-2016 ]

The E1 has been a reference for ages in the industrial luminaire segment with high protection factor. ETAP has developed a renovation module, which you can use to switch your existing E1 installation to LEDs quickly and efficiently. 

With a protection factor of IP65/IKO8, the E1 is at home in the most demanding environments, such as heavy industry, chemistry, humid environments, etc. With the retrofit LED module, ETAP has developed a simple solution to effortlessly switch to LEDs. You keep housing and connection. Thus not only saving time, but also costs.
The E1 module light source consists of two LED lamps, which are resistant against gas corrosion (in compliance with corrosion test EN60068-2-60).

Energy savings up to 40% 
The renovation of your lighting installation with LED modules offers nothing but advantages. LEDs are much more energy-efficient, enabling you to save up to 40% energy. In addition they have a longer service life than fluorescent lamps.
The switchover takes place in three easy steps (see installation video). Only the reflector with the fluorescent lamps need to be replaced. A suitable LED alternative is available for each existing lighting installation, with the correct light distribution and desired lighting level. Depending on the situation, cost recovery is possible as of 3 years.