Comfort and efficiency
with US21 softlight

[ 22-08-2016 ]

With the rectangular version of the US21, ETAP further expands its softlight luminaire range with LEDs. The US21 combines comfortable light with high energy efficiency. 

US recessed luminaires with softlight have quickly become a time-tested choice in our LED range. ETAP’s softlights combine the best of two worlds: they create the natural lighting comfort for which softlights are known. At the same time, the advanced lighting technology provides an amazing energy-efficient solution.

Low glare 
Softlight luminaires distribute LED light for the most part through secondary optics (side reflectors with highly reflective lacquer) across the space. The light source itself is shielded by a combination of a micro prism structure and diffuser foil. Result: low glare (UGR ≤ 19) and even illumination.

High efficiency
With a specific luminous flux of 135 lm/W, the US21 is one of the most efficient softlight luminaires on the market. Furthermore hardly any deterioration takes place: the LLMF (Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor) is still 98% after 50,000 burning hours.

Extensive options 
The US21 was designed for system ceilings with a modulation of 1200 x 300, but they can also be integrated in other ceiling using a mounting frame. Depending on the application two luminous flux are available: 2300 and 3600 lm. The US21 is available with integrated ELS daylight sensor or EMD multidetector, which combines daylight control and motion detection. The LED module for emergency lighting can be integrated into a special end cap.