Boundless creativity
with the new R8

[ 18-10-2016 ]

The R8 series has everything to illuminate spaces in a creative manner. The fully updated LED version is even slimmer and more stylish than its predecessor. And its performance has enhanced too!

R8 2016_4.jpg

Adds value to any space
Thanks to its clever design and high-spec finish, the R8 series has become an ETAP classic. The luminaires add architectural value in the most diverse environments: entrance halls, conference rooms or showrooms, businesses, schools, stores and hospitals. The luminaires can be used for both accent and general lighting.

An ideal match
With its slim and elegant look, the new R8 LED version is, more than ever, an ideal match for sleek interiors. The housing for driver and cables has become as good as invisible.
The luminaire itself is a fully sealed unit made from satin-anodised polycarbonate. The HaloOptics® diffuser ensures uniform lighting, without  dark areas. Versions with UGR <22 or UGR <25 are available, depending on the chosen length or luminous flux

Playful and creative
The updated R8 provides you with the freedom to design the lighting in your spaces playfully and creatively. The luminaires are available in several lengths (787, 1162 and 1542 mm) and can be installed in numerous ways – surface-mounted or suspended, linked or individual, horizontal or vertical. So give free reign to your creative imagination! Thanks to a specially developed connector, suspended luminaires can be linked together. Upon request, the R8 series can also be delivered as an uninterrupted light line up to 5 m long.

A sustainable choice
The low power consumption and long service life of LEDs also make the R8 a sustainable choice. The luminaires’ high output – up to 122 lumen per Watt – cuts down on your energy consumption. And after 50,000 burning hours you can still count on 97% of the initial luminous intensity.
R8 luminaires can be fitted with integrated sensors for daylight-dependent control and/or motion detection, or with an integrated LED module for emergency lighting.

Watch the installation video: