This is how we make
your car parks safer

[ 21-10-2016 ]

With the E6 series, ETAP introduces a specific general lighting solution for car parks. The wide-angle light distribution was fully geared to the low ceilings and fixed intervals and hence guarantees a safe and evenly illuminated car park. In addition, the E6 is also suitable for technical spaces, light industry and covered outdoor spaces such as loading bays.  

Increased sense of safety
Brightly and evenly illuminated spaces are a basic requirement to increase the visitor’s feeling of safety in (underground) car parks. ETAP has developed a linear lens with wide-angle light distribution for the E6 series (105 lm/W), optimally geared to low ceilings. It not only results in brightly and evenly illuminated spaces, without dark areas, but also in efficient lighting with a minimum number of luminaires.

Perfectly illuminated, even long after installation 
The lighting’s reliability plays an important role in the visitor’s feeling of safety and comfort. Unlit zones due to defective luminaires can be avoided. The replacement of light bulbs and luminaires is not always easy in a 24/7 environment such as a car park. Thanks to the use of quality LEDs and sophisticated thermal management, you can still count on 84% of the original luminous flux after 50,000 burning hours. This provides the very best guarantee for safely illumined spaces, even long after installation.

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Resilient luminaires 
This reliability is further enhanced by the robust polycarbonate housing, which must be resilient in a demanding environment such as a car park. Thanks to the adapted use of materials and a well-thought out design, the E6 series satisfies all standards, including IP66 (dust and waterjet-proof) and IK08 (impact-proof, resistant against 5 Joule impact). The luminaires also offer certified protection against exhaust gases.

In a nutshell

Car parks, technical spaces, light industry and covered outdoor spaces

Surface mounted and suspended (a suspended set is available as an option). The height of the luminaires is a mere 76 mm, convenient in spaces with low ceilings.

Three versions:
880 mm –> 3000 lumen
1260 mm –> 4000 lumen
1640 mm –> 6000 lumen