D9: the widest choice
in downlights

[ 14-01-2017 ]

With the D9 you have ample choice to gear your lighting to your own taste and needs.  

ETAP has developed three reflectors: a specular, faceted reflector for the best efficiency; a satin-anodized reflector for a calmer image and a matte white reflector for diffuse lighting. You can choose from three lumen packages: 1000, 2000 and 3000 lumen. The D9 is suitable for corridors, sanitary spaces (IP44 version) and public areas within the building.

(*)Consult your ETAP adviser for availability 

The superior thermal design and specially developed reflectors ensure specific luminous flux up to 127 lm/W. The various reflectors ensure optimal light distribution, thus allowing to limit the number of luminaires.

D9-cob.jpgThese downlights feature a chip-on-board (COB) light source, an LED component consisting of several LED chips. The chips are electrically interconnected and are covered with a layer of phosphorus (in order to convert the blue LED light into white light). The COB module boasts diffuse shielding in order to limit the LEDs’ high luminance.

Seamless finish
The D9’s polycarbonate housing and reflector form one unit, without visible seams, resulting in their discreet integration into the ceiling.
Optionally the D9 can be fitted with a matte cover glass. For humid spaces, we have a IP44 cover glass available to protect the downlight against splash water.

Watch the installation video